You’ve been Hacked! The Best Camping Hacks

You are about to get Hacked, Camping style!

Ever heard of camping hacks, well you are about to.

Camping is about relaxation and enjoying family. It is time to kick back, loose all your stress, and enjoy nature.

The family camping trips are the least expensive way to spend quality time with you loved ones. So when you go, it is best to know how to simplify your family camp out.

So what can I do to help simplify the camping adventure and maximize my time with my family so we can be making the memories that will last forever?

What items do you need to take to make this happen?


In this article I will show you some of the best camping hacks that you probably haven’t thought of. These hacks will make your camp out easier and leave more time for enjoying each other, your family

All great camping trips need to be hacked.

Family Camping Trips Medically Hacked

Whenever you go out to enjoy the great outdoors, you also need to amply prepared for any medical or accident situations because they will happen from time to time.

Chapstick can be used not only for your lips, but it is an effective sunscreen and can be a temporary disinfectant for scratches or cuts.

Duct tape is just about for everything, including first aid. When you go camping, more than likely you will find yourself far from the nearest medical facility. If you get a cut that needs to be temporarily closed or needs stitches, you can use duct tape to create butterfly stitches.

The duct tape will also keep the dirt and bacteria from getting into your cut. This is necessary to prevent infection until you can get to the nearest medical facility to have it properly addressed.

Duct tape can also be used to make a cast with the aid of toilet paper for any limb that has been badly sprained or broken.

After all, duct tape took us to the moon and back!

Packing hacks and tips

Make the most of your cooler. The way you pack your cooler will determine how many perishables you can take on your camp out. Most of the time, bagged ice is used to keep the cooler cold.

One alternative is to freeze water in used milk jugs. Not only will this keep everything cold, but you can now pack items that come in paper cartons and not worry about the paper getting soft or falling apart.

Later, the water in the jugs can be used for drinking as the ice begins to melt.

Instant ice water for the hot summer day.

Pill boxes are not just for pills? You can use pill boxes to pack just enough aspirin, Tylenol, or Advil for you trip duration. Just make sure to properly mark each box with a Sharpe. You can also use these boxes to store hand wipes or any type of disinfectant wipe that you want to bring.

Another good tool for weatherproof packing is a clear plastic storage box. As these will come in many sizes, you can pack many types of items and keep them dry.

Who wants to sleep on a wet sleeping bag, not me. Clear plastic storage boxes are a great tool for every family camping trip.

Camping hacks in action

The need for light after it gets dark. Did you know that you can strap a head lamp to a used milk jug filled with drinking water and it becomes an instant lamp for inside your tent.

Put glow sticks into clear bottles and you have colorful lighting for your camp night. You can put them anywhere such as pathways or just around or inside your tent.

Are mosquitoes bothering you and your family and zapping the fun out of your camping trip? You can put a small bundle of sage in your campfire and the mosquitoes will not come around your camping site.

How can you get a fire started easy? If you put charcoal in a paper egg carton and light the carton, the fire will start and burn for hours.

Also, Doritos make excellent kindling for your fire. Give it a try.

Before leaving your home, instead of just throwing the dryer lint out, put it inside a used toilet paper roll and this will provide you with an excellent fire stater. Just throw the small pieces of firewood on the toilet paper rolls stuffed with lint and your are off to a great camp fire.

When the ground is too hard to sleep on, bring a yoga mat or foam floor mats to soften the area you are sleeping on.

Air mattress are preferable, but if you campsite doesn’t have electricity available, then this is a good alternative. Get a good nights sleep.

Toilet paper can be kept dry by storing it in an empty plastic coffee cans. You can even cut a slit in the side and have an instant dispenser for when nature calls.

Lastly, have you ever gone into a public bath facility at a camp ground. Most are kept very clean and some not so. If you bring a cheap pair of flip-flops or saddles, you will have the bathroom shoes needed to go take a shower without the worry.

Why is little Johnny itching?

It is always good to know what plants are safe and which ones to avoid.

Poison Ivy is one of the most encountered poison plants in the wild. Poison Ivy can will be reddish in the spring, green in the summer, and yellow or red in the fall. This plant can have leaves that are notched or smooth. They will grow in bushes or a vine.

It is always good to have knowledge of what to look for and steer clear of them. In the summer, the kids may not have long pants on. So if they come in contact with poison ivy it is important to wash the vines oils off with water and soap immediately.

You can use a cold compress, calamine lotion, a non-prescription hydrocortisome cream, or an antihistamine to relieve the itching. Make sure the ones affected keep their hands clean at all time. Please have this in your medical kit.

You’ve been Hacked.

I hope you found these suggestions helpful and informative. These “hacked” items and suggestions are relatively inexpensive and provide great help on the family camping trips.

Now go out and have a “Hacked” of a good time.

Remember to take pictures and make those memories that will last for a lifetime.

If you have any question or comment, just leave that below and I will get back to you ASAP.





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